What is Vizion Hub?

VizionHub™ is a collaborative advertising platform and strategy that enables local business communities to collectively grow through cooperative and coordinated out-of-home digital advertising.


  • Digital Signage
  • QR Code Driven
  • Remote Control
  • Real-time Updates
  • Community Centric
  • Low Cost Participation
  • Business Templates
  • Easy-to-Use

How Does a Hub Work?

A “Vizion Hub” is a collection of collaborative advertising devices strategically placed in community businesses where consumers typically find themselves walking by or waiting to receive products and services.

Hub Stations

A VizionHub™ Station is a device that displays pre-defined advertising playlists with optional QR-Coded links per ad.

Advertising Channels

Each device can use and display up to 4 different advertising channels with a unique playlist per channel.

Business Templates

Each VizionHub™ Station is pre-configured with a host template. A template is a business type like dental, automotive, med spa and others.

Hub Participants


Anchors are the pillar companies of the local community that support and embrace the local VizionHub™.

Hub Partners

Hub Partners are local companies that place and utilize a VizionHub™ Station at their place of business.


Advertisers are local companies that choose to advertise on the local VizionHub™, but don't typically have consumer traffic at their place of business.


Sponsors are national, regional or other product or service providers that choose to advertise on a local VizionHub™.

Business Templates

Although a VizionHub™ Station is community-friendly, its primary purpose is to advertise and promote the host business. VizionHub™ templates are pre-built playlists that can be used by specific business types. Some examples are shown below.

Hub Station Device Options

Simple but effective inexpensive Digital Picture Frames are a great way to advertise on the VizionHub™ Network.

- Digital Picture Frames

Realtime, Internet-enabled tablets are automatically updated with the most current VizionHub™ advertising content.

- Interactive Tablets

Large HDTV or monitors can be used to project the VizionHub™ experience in waiting areas or other consumer traffic locations.

- HDTV and Monitors

Consolidated Consumer Traffic

VizionHub™ sees all consumer traffic in a specific hub as "community property" and delivers its collaborative advertsing experience for the benefit of all hub participants.


  • Effective Out-of-Home Advertising
  • Cross-Pollinating Advertising
  • Customized Business Templates
  • Low-Cost Participation
  • Common Community Platform
  • QR-Coded Experience
  • Leverages Existing Website Assets
  • Green Platform Replaces Paper Ads

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